Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Attempts at Spreading Bella-dom in Germany

Here I am posing in front of a nuclear plant and wind turbines (which you can't see) on a 35 K bike path that lead to Warnemünde, a seaside resort on the Baltic Sea where we hoped to swim - the ride took so long because we kept losing the route that we ended up taking the train back to Rostock. I had wanted to rent a racing bike, but that just wasn't possible, and as it was, this mountain bike cost me nearly $18 for the day to rent, much more expensive than the usual cruisers that the trainstations have to lease out.

This is me and two other German teachers, the woman in the middle is Canadian and the one who came on the ride with me. I frightened her with my outfit. (and maybe my white legs too)

This is what I want to ride next time:

And here is what the German police look like when they are preventing drunken soccer fans from getting too rowdy at the trianstation.

And you thought I'd been arrested for something like talking on my cell phone while riding, right? (There actually is a law against that, and it's a 25 Euro fine!)

Friday, August 17, 2007

steroids- just say NO plus rumors of results

Well my bella friends, the blog is collecting dust and cobwebs since I came off the steroids, but I'll get to that later. For now I want to know where the reports are for those juicy rumors I've been hearing about some particular bella's. Lets just say the little sexy one with the french accent that only knows one speed—poof and she's off chasing the 'mens'. The talk on this side of town is that she kicked some serious bella booty at the Canal Classic and took 4 minutes off her 1st place time of last year. Yea baby. And then there's "semi Sue" the truck driving triathlete who claims she almost drowned but put a big hurt on the field of 90+ woman to place 3rd overall in the bike section at the Caz Tri. I hear she uses that serious trucker look of hers to intimidate her competition. Possibly a more areo dynamic life preserver and she could either leave the field in the dust with her biking and running or just really scare some folks out there. And then of course the jolly Jano "streak lightning" who crushed her field and took 1st in her age group in the triathlon. Did her son Lars really tie all the competetors running shoes together in her age group or was that just a vicious rumour. She was later tested for steriods and she is truely a sincere and honest bella after all. whew. All this action took place on Sunday, August 12. Still waiting on photos from the associated press.

Bella sparks were definetely flying on Sunday and I could tell for sure from my point of view on the couch. Early July when I dabbled in steroid enhancement for my biking OK, so I was on prednizone for asthma, I felt like an animal and ended up tearing my calf muscle in the owasco stage race and also came down with the "kissing disease." I guess kissing all the cute boys as they came through the finish like Vana White was probably not the smartest on my part. I hope it was that dark, tall, young, totally ripped 20 something kid that gave me mono. That would be worth the 6 weeks of sleeping.

Well the lesson here is that coming down off steroids ain't pretty bellas, so just say no! Gosh, I should have been a spokes person for "Tour de France." The side effects are costly: new fat tires, wide touring saddle with springs, bananna bars to reach out over the gut, entirely new velo bella kit size XXXXL. I can still squeeze into my helmet. I am in my last week of mono and have risen from my deep sleep. I vow to get you bellas whooped into writing your reports and me loosing my load! Your results have inspired me. You go girls!

Captain Kate sent a photo of Eric in Germany in his first Time Trial. He will be sending in a report as soon as he is found. He was last spotted in Switzerland still in his drops and looking strong. We will keep you posted.